Commit to the Climb

Sir Edmund Hillary was a mountaineering pioneer; the first to scale Mount Everest with his climbing partner — Tenzing Norgay, an acclaimed Tibetan mountaineer. When asked about his success, Hillary replied that “it is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.” So it is with entrepreneurship!

The Engler philosophy is that the key to entrepreneurial success is to intensely prepare — mindset first, then a combination of low-risk entrepreneurial experiences coupled with skill development. Building an enterprise is not magic; rather it is the result of hard work applied in an intentional and deliberate staged ascent. We also know that there are multiple routes to the summit and that every entrepreneur will encounter setbacks, obstacles, and the need for retracing their path. No two entrepreneurs have the same experience, but all will have to overcome self-doubt, resistance, and fear to attain their highest aspiration. The joy is in the journey, the challenge and the transformation that originates from giving one’s self to something meaningful.

Our model embraces these realities! The path to the top begins with the first step. Join us!