The Engler Model

Entrepreneurship development is a two-stage process

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The new Engler Model contains two critical elements: Commitment and Customization


Entrepreneurship is not for everyone; our process is designed to help individuals determine whether or not they have what it takes to move from student to business founder.


Create experiences that are designed for specific stages of growth and facilitate each person’s deep dive into the world of entrepreneurship. The previous pages show multiple pathways a student can take on their entrepreneurial journey and this is why a customized experience is critical.

The Engler Camps

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Base Camp

Base Camp is focused on the entrepreneurial mindset and low-risk immersion in entrepreneurial experiences. Base Camp is a litmus test that’s all about the process of an individual discovering their strengths and defining their purpose while diving into the mindset of an entrepreneur. It’s driven by experiential learning, testing the waters, and getting their hands dirty. At the end of the Base Camp experience – students will know whether or not the life of an entrepreneur is a good fit.

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Build Camp

Build Camp is an adaptive and highly experiential environment that focuses on the specific problems to be solved and the markets/customers to be served. Build camp is designed to transform a student with an idea into a founder. Those in build camp will work within a cohort group in a co-working environment – the learning process will be driven by intense, fast learning workshops that allow founders to make meaningful progress along their entrepreneurial journey. At the conclusion of Build Camp, a founder will be ready to take on customers and to pitch to investors/lenders.

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Entrepreneur Camp

Entrepreneur Campinvolves finding resources, building prototypes, making sales, developing process, and most importantly celebrating wins AND losses. Our newest camp launched a pilot phase summer of 2018 with 5 students. Since then we have expanded to 13 student businesses in the 2019 cohort ranging from autonomous feed truck software development to professional singing for events.