Paul Engler

Paul Engler

Legendary Cattleman and Founder of the Engler Agribusiness Entrepreneurship Program

Paul F. Engler has always had a special vision for looking ahead with a positive spirit and recognizing the importance of compassion. He sees the value of philanthropy in his own life and wants to see that his concept of giving back lives on. Simple, positive values of hard work and honesty mark Paul Engler as a man among men. He has been an entrepreneur his entire life and especially wants to help those who help themselves.

Paul was born in Stuart, Neb., in 1929. At age nine, he began working at his father's gas station for 50 cents a day. At age 12, he bought and managed his first cattle herd of 100 head. He enrolled at the University of Nebraska and used the proceeds of his first cattle sales to fund his education. He studied agriculture and graduated in 1951. He began his career as an Ag teacher and then moved on to purchasing cattle, building feed lots and beginning Cactus Feeders. His innovations in cattle feeding and improving technology associated with the fed cattle business are legendary. He has received many awards associated with agriculture and the cattle industry because he accepted challenges and succeeded in their completion.

Paul has been active with the National Cowboy Hall of Fame and the Texas Cattle Feeders Association. Paul recently received the Henry Beachell Distinguished Alumni Award at the University of Nebraska and has been inducted into the Cattle Feeders Hall of Fame, Meat Industry Hall of Fame and is currently the Chairman of the Board of Cactus Feeders which he founded in 1975.

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