Passion by Jeff Hornung

August 25, 2016

Passion  -  You’ve got to have that fire in your belly

            Passion is an interesting animal; it can drive people crazy. Passion can defy all logic. Passion can even destroy an empire, nation, or company. However passion can provide immense openings for success and wealth building. It can also give courage and strength to those who need it most. But perhaps the most valuable thing passion can do is create.

            To have passion is to create opportunity. To follow passion is to act upon a burning fire within you; something that you yourself can’t even explain fully. Passion is hard to understand and even harder to define. This pillar of our program comes in many different shapes, sizes, forms. But one thing is for sure: Passion is alive within the people who recognize it.

            When individuals make decisions to follow their passion, they are making a choice to invest in themselves. When a group makes the decision to follow its’ passion, the members are making a choice to invest in a greater cause (one that’s often bigger and better than the group itself). Passion has the ability to make individuals and groups do just that; believe in something greater than the norm.

            PASSION – An undeniable (sometimes undefinable) fire within one’s self to align with a certain idea, concept, or action. Passion creates opportunity, becomes alive within us, and forces us to believe in a cause greater than we can ever imagine. So don’t try and define or capture passion, for it's already within you. Identify your fire – then set the world ablaze!

Jeff Hornung