Oscaline Usanase

A Call for Writers
Oscaline Usanase

Oscaline Usanase

Hometown: Nyamata, Rwanda
Major: Integrate Science
Minor: Leadership and Engler Entrepreneurship, & Agriculture and Environmental Sciences Communications
Graduation Date: May 2020

A Call for Writers

What is your story?

Growing up, I had a dream of becoming an independent woman; where I did not have to be looked down upon for not being able to meet my own needs. With this dream in mind, I started my Entrepreneurial journey in high school where I started creating liquid soap with the hopes of promoting cleanliness in my country. However, I never got a chance to see the project to the end because I had to leave Rwanda and go to the United States to pursue my undergraduate studies. When I came to college, I started to find my true passions when I took EAEP classes. I met people who believed in me, and encouraged me to pursue my dream. Now, I am determined to create a platform for rising french and english speaking women writers to bring their talents into existence. I want to help the ladies out there who have what to bring on the table but they don’t believe that what they have to offer is enough, those who need a supportive community, and those with a hectic schedule and would use a little time away in new places to refresh and implement their passions uninterruptedly. Elevating women is my passion.

What is your business?

A Call for Writers exists to offer services to women writers who speak both french and english. It exists for those who have a passion to write, those who long to be better writers in all sorts of ways, and those who want to publish their pieces. Women coming to our services are not expected to be experts, because we exist to make them experts. The business is still in the making now. We are currently looking for ladies with a passion for writing. Ladies from both french or english speaking backgrounds, who don’t have enough time to write, and don’t have guidance on where to start or how to navigate in the entire process. We are looking forward to publishing those books, putting those poems out, helping them become those bloggers they have always wanted to be and alike.

Who is your entrepreneurial inspiration OR biggest hero?

I would say that my biggest hero is Heather Lindsey. She is a Christian woman who embodies hard work, elevating women and anchoring Christ in all she does.

What advice would you give to a student starting their entrepreneurial journey?

To you starting your entrepreneurial journey, let me tell you one thing: It will be hard, challenging, and sometimes you will feel like quitting, but don't! Because sometimes you need to be stretched in order for the best of you to come out and shine. So, don't quit, every challenge, every confusion, every sweat, every input is worth the joy of pursuing your passion.

What has been your favorite "Engler Experience" to date?

I enjoyed EAEP 275 class, where I was able to start a business from scratch, go through every stage and be able to pitch it. The most rewarding thing was winning the first place in the pitch. Honestly, the joy i had when we won the first place reminded me of our journey, our ups and downs that led us there. The crazy thing is that we had to pivot few weeks before our pitch day. Now when i look back, i would say that it is not more about the end results, than it is about the journey. Each strike we hit was contributing to the results we got. It was a beautiful experience, and It showed me that it is possible to pursue my passions in life, and that every sweat, every rock bottom I hit is a step to reach where I need to be.

What has been the biggest hurdle or struggle you've dealt with in your entrepreneurial journey?

One of the biggest challenges I had to deal with was finding one idea that combined my many passions. I can't say how much I visited Dr. Thomas Field's office when I was confused, and am glad that he gave me guidance and now I feel like I have a business that combines my passions.

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