The Meaning of Partnership by Davis Behle

July 27, 2016
Partner is one of the most important core values to me.  I have always enjoyed meeting new people and building quality relationships.  College has been an incubator for many of these relationships to hatch.  I have built relationships centered around academics, entrepreneurship, faith, and my fraternity. However, I recognize that partnership is not just about building a relationship.  Partnership is analyzing the problem at hand and collectively working towards finding a solution or creating a goal. The challenge of working towards a common goal is becoming so focused on the goal that you lose sight of the relationship.  Within entrepreneurship, a partner is someone to bear the burdens of risk with and someone with whom to celebrate the joys of success.  This is someone who will not just get excited about the initial idea and the excitement of good times, but will stick it out and be someone to lean on in the tough and grueling times.  I have seen this difference between relationships and partnerships as I have started the journey of my own entrepreneurial pursuits.  It is an entirely new experience taking these strong friendships and figuring out whose passions and abilities could help the success of starting a business.  It becomes not just about whether or not I enjoy a person's character and personality, but figuring out how their personality and skills can complement my own while furthering the pursuit.  A partnership provides not only someone to collaborate and bounce ideas off, but also a connection into a whole new network of people.  
Davis Behle