Jordyn Bader

Jordyn Bader

UNL & Engler Alum
Graduate Research Assistant, Rural Futures Institute

A member of the inaugural Engler class, Jordyn Bader graduated UNL with a B.S. In Agribusiness with a minor in Entrepreneurship in 2014. During her undergraduate career, she became heavily involved in the development and growth of the Engler Program. Her Engler Experience helped her discover her passion for rural communities and their opportunities to create a vibrant home for young people.

With an opportunity to work as a graduate research assistant for the Rural Futures Institute, Jordyn continued her formal education and will earn her M.S. in Agricultural Economics from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in August 2016. Not only has graduate work helped Jordyn develop important analytical skills, it has also helped her further focus her interest area of rural development to be workforce recruitment, particularly in the healthcare field. Additionally, working with the RFI enabled her to create and develop opportunities to connect rural communities with talented students. Jordyn is currently working as an Outreach Coordinator for Grainbridge in Omaha.

Jordyn gives credit to her rural upbringing, in Ainsworth, NE, for fostering a development mindset and entrepreneurial (and intrapreneurial) spirit. After working on her family’s cow/calf operation and purchasing cattle of her own, she recognized the vitality of risk-takers who are the economic backbone of the communities in which we live. Inspired to be one of the doers, creators, and difference-makers in her community, Jordyn aspires to build a values-based business that will create opportunities for others.

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