Jared Knobbe

Jared Knobbe

Jared Knobbe

Hometown: Imperial, Neb.
Major: Agribusiness, Banking and Finance Option
Minor: Engler Entrepreneurship
Graduation Date: Dec. 2015

What is your story?

My story begins in the community of Imperial where I grew up. Without the support of the community and the people I wouldn't be where I am today. FFA had a large impact on my life by encouraging me to look forward and figure out things about my personality and how to capitalize on it. As I transitioned into college I learned about my strengths, which has guided me this far. Without FFA I wouldn't have a strong horseshoeing business and I also wouldn't have the knowledge of sales and business.

What is your business?

JK Horseshoeing Service. Currently in the southwest and northeast parts of Nebraska I hold a client base and work with these people year round. Real estate is a passion of mine and I want to build a business around benefiting rural Nebraska and the small town housing markets. Currently I am working on a project in my hometown as an initial test run.

Who is your entrepreneurial inspiration OR biggest hero?

This cannot be narrowed down to one particular person. There are many people who have inspired me to do great things and who have coached me along the way. Without their expert advice or motivation to get me where I am, I wouldn't be here. My motivation thus far has come from people saying something can't be done, it's motivation enough to prove it can be.

If your story were made into a movie, what actor/actress would portray you and why?

Daniel Craig (James Bond) He is a secret agent who will do whatever it takes to get a mission done. It doesn't matter what the obstacles are, the people he is up against or the cost.

What advice would you give to a student starting their entrepreneurial journey?

The best advice I could probably give is start now and begin fighting. If you put your dreams off they will always be put off. There isn't anything to be afraid of when you start something. Failure will happen in some way but without failure you can't become something great.

Jared Knobbe
Jared Knobbe
Jared Knobbe