Intentionality by Emily Bledsoe

October 19, 2016

Intentionality has always been a word that I honestly never stopped to think about. You can intentionally do something, but what if you were to go out of your way every day and be intentional about your goals, with people, and with your time.

Engler has taught me that in order to build and establish your dreams, you must never rely on something to simply. . . happen. Enterprises do not just bloom out of an idea without being shadowed by pure passion.

So what does this have to do with intentionality?

Freshman year, Tom Field said something in my entrepreneurship course that I will never forget. He told us that being realistic is the most commonly traveled path to mediocrity. After thinking about what this meant to me, I decided to purposefully build a network of people who not only pushed me, but invested into what I loved doing.

For me, it took Tom’s words to understand the value of intentionally or purposefully reaching likeminded people. Going out of your way to deliberately increase interaction and purpose behind these interactions.

The Engler community has exhibited this purposeful interaction with conversations and will forever impact the way that I view talking with people. Potential partners, potential investors, or potential clients; every interaction should hold to this idea of intentionality.

Emily Bledsoe