Hannah Esch
Hannah Esch Oak Barn Beef
Hannah Esch

Hannah Esch

Hometown: Unadilla, Neb.
Major: Animal Science
Minor: Engler Entrepreneurship
Graduation Date: May 2020

Oak Barn Beef

What is your story?

My love for cattle, or all animals, was established pretty early in life. When my family moved from Colorado to Nebraska, I knew this was the place where I belonged! After learning about the loss of communication from farmer to the consumer after the cattle leave our care, I decided I wanted to help bridge the communication gap. My dad and I started testing the waters of selling beef directly to people about a year ago under the name of Esch Cattle Company. This will help put a face to the farmer and give the producers a voice in the education of consumers. Oak Barn Beef is a recent transition in my business. I needed a name that told people what I do, represented our family values, and felt welcoming to both rural and urban customers. I am actively looking at expanding to more than selling directly to consumers and am excited to see what will happen within the next year. Check us out at oakbarnbeef.com

What is your business?

Oak Barn Beef, oakbarnbeef.com

Who is your entrepreneurial inspiration OR biggest hero?

Dan and Tamara Sloan, the owners of The Mill, are my entrepreneurial inspirations. Not only are they actively improving their business of coffee houses, but they continuously watch for market opportunities. In addition to this, they are very willing to help and mentor young entrepreneurs.

What advice would you give to a student starting their entrepreneurial journey?

Do it!! There's not a better time to get started on an idea and put it into action. A lot of people are willing to help you out because you are a student interested in entrepreneurship.

What has been your favorite "Engler Experience" to date?

The Fireside Event is my favorite experience to date- Great connections made, invigorating environment, and Engler community.

What has been the biggest hurdle or struggle you've dealt with in your entrepreneurial journey?

Although I haven't experienced a "big" failure yet, I experience little failures every single day. I've learned to think of it as a positive thing because I would rather learn all of these lessons now as little failures, rather than them becoming big failures later on.

Hannah Esch
Hannah Esch
Hannah Esch