Halle Ramsey

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Halle Ramsey

Halle Ramsey

Hometown: Ord, NE
Major: Agriculture and Environmental Sciences Communication
Minor: Engler Entrepreneurship and International Agriculture
Graduation Date: May 2020

1624 Creations

What is your story?

I am Halle, the founder of 1624 Creations. Since I can remember I have always loved words. In fact, I have been referred to as a "walking thesaurus" by many friends. Truly, I believe words have the power to change people's lives. I know they have surely changed mine. After returning for my junior year of college after a great summer internship in Washington DC, I found myself lonely and struggling to genuinely connect with people. I realized that even though I was in constant communication via social media or text, I felt more alone than ever before. Soon, I found out I was not the only one yearning for real connection. I decided to start writing notes to at least one person a day, and I became obsessed with using calligraphy, stationery, and graphic design to inspire kind words and appreciation for the special moments and relationships in people's lives. That daily exercise turned into what is now 1624 Creations.

What is your business?

1624 Creations https://www.1624creations.com 1624 Creation's mission is to provide hand-written, intentional, and nature-inspired products to 1. Inspire gracious acts 2. Connect authentically to self and others 3. Encourage community, positivity, and creativity 4. Cultivate a community that intentionally uplifts one another

Who is your entrepreneurial inspiration OR biggest hero?

Honestly, the first people that came to mind are the women in Engler. They inspire me to take action today and are my biggest cheerleaders. I am also a huge fan of Brene Brown, Sadie Robertson, and Rachel Hollis.

What advice would you give to a student starting their entrepreneurial journey?

Maybe you know exactly what you want to do or maybe you don't. Either way, I would encourage students to dive deep into the community and grow relationships with other Englers. The people within this program have unmatched hope, grit, and creativity especially within the scope of the university system. Do not take that for granted.

What has been your favorite "Engler Experience" to date?

Everyday conversations with fellow Engler Entrepreneurs or staff. There is always some sort of solution we are working on creating and there is always a focus on pursuing purpose with whatever we do.

What has been the biggest hurdle or struggle you've dealt with in your entrepreneurial journey?

My biggest hurdles have always been taking the first step after researching an idea and dealing with imposter syndrome. It is a constant battle to continue stepping forward where there is no path. I am so grateful to the Engler Program for providing such amazing resources and support to help me over these hurdles.

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