Haley (Harthoorn) Miles

Haley (Harthoorn) Miles

Haley (Harthoorn) Miles

Hometown: Ainsworth, Neb.
Major: Agricultural Economics
Minor: Entrepreneurship & Grazing Livestock Systems
Graduation Date: May 2015

What is your story?

I'm a servant to my Creator, a Husker, and a Linchpin. (Read Seth Godin's book) I was raised on a diverse farm and ranch in north central Nebraska where I learned the value of community, hard work, and strong faith. My time in college and high school has been dedicated to organizations that matter and investing in the true worth of people. I'm looking forward to my career in agriculture, being rooted in a community, and seizing adventure in post-grad.

What is your business?

I'm passionate about owning the future of rural communities and recruiting young people to live thriving and fulfilling lives in rural America.

Who is your entrepreneurial inspiration OR biggest hero?

My dad. My dad took risks at a young age to build the enterprise my family has today. By questioning the norm and taking calculated risks, he taught me you don't have to have mastery in every area to create a business. You just gotta have a little grit and be gutsy enough to try!

What advice would you give to a student starting their entrepreneurial journey?

This program is less about inspiration and more about purpose. The moment you figure out why you're here is the moment you begin the relentless pursuit of that purpose. The cool thing about it is that it's your own. There's no cookie cutter mold for the American Dream. You own it. The American Dream is alive and well, and it lives here. It's the 'fire in the belly' of every student in the Engler Program. Our generation's destiny is to make something great of this nation. Free enterprise founded this nation and free enterprise will save it. Now go make something great!

Haley Harthoorn
Haley Harthoorn