Englers Ceremony Englers Ceremony Englers Ceremony Englers Ceremony Englers Ceremony

The Englers

About the Englers

The Engler Agribusiness Entrepreneurship Program presents their version of “The Oscars” appropriately titled... “The Englers”! This recognition and awards ceremony is built around our core values - Aspire, Passion, Grit, Courage, Partner and Build, each with a corresponding award symbol. In addition to the 6 pillar awards, we have designated a “Fire in the Belly” award to the student/s who embody a combination of all of the pillars, and an Engler Swashbuckler award to a partner of our organization who has played a critical role in our growth and success.

Startup Bullpen

In association with The Englers, the Alumni presented their inaugural Alumni Champion Award to Ben Halvorson. This person exemplifies what it means to be a part of the Engler Alumni program, is involved with the students and gives back their time, is pursuing their own venture and exhibits excellence within the cultural pillars of Engler.

Startup Bullpen

The Startup Bullpen event is held before The Englers. This is a chance for student companies to display their business product or service, network with guests, and pitch their business ideas.

Pillar Award Winners

Courage Award: Morgan Cuttlers

Boxing Gloves

Courage is a daily decision to confront what most would consider insurmountable challenges head on while refusing to let obstacles become barriers.

Partner Award: Logan Kalkowski

Hard Hat and the book “The hard hat”

As entrepreneurs, we value partnership as one of the highest forms of a human relationship

Grit Award: Brandon Nichols

Work Gloves

Grit is perseverance and passion while displaying an uncommon level of dedication to the attainment of a goal

Aspiration Award: Grant Suddarth

Star Lamp

Aspiring entrepreneurs see solutions and pathways to solutions, where others see problems

Build Award: Thomas Kayton

Building Block

Builders don’t wait for all the right answers, they just get moving and do it!

“Fire in the Belly” Award: Darin Knobbe & Jake Wilkins

Red Crystal Diamond

This award is core to the belief that entrepreneurs have a fire or deep passion inside them coming from a desire to fulfill their purpose, the knowledge that failure is an opportunity to learn, giving up is not an option, and the willingness to take necessary risks

Engler Swashbuckler Award: Cassie Lapaseotes & Chuck Schroeder

Pirate Spyglass

A swashbuckler is a protagonist who is heroic, idealistic, and willing to embrace the adventure and risk associated with a great undertaking and these 2 people have played a critical role in our success