Engler Students Hit the Road 2018

Map of visits on the Engler Entrepreneurial Tour Engler Students on the road
Engler Students

Hit the Road!

Annual Entrepreneurial Tour

The Engler Entrepreneurial Tour immerses students in the free-enterprise experience.

Exploring the Midwest Region

  • Murphy Lake Farm - Hartford, WI
  • 1871, Bosch and the Connectory, Chicago, IL
  • Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs
  • Tasty Catering, T.F. Processors, That’s Caring and nuphoriq, Elk Grove, IL
  • Tiesta Tea, Elk Grove, IL
  • Iowa State University - Vermeer Applied Technology Hub, Ames, IA
  • Summit Ag Group, Alden, IA

Special Thanks To

  • Verne & Terri Holoubek, Murphy Lake Farm
  • Bruce Leech, Executive Director of Coleman Entrepreneurship Program, DePaul University
  • Tom Walter and Kornel Grygo, Tasty Catering
  • Patrick Tannous, Tiesta Tea
  • Kevin Kimle, Iowa State University
  • Mitch Baum, Summit Ag Group
Engler students on the road

Why would you recommend the Engler Bus Trek to others?

It is a great learning and bonding experience with Engler peers.
It provides an opportunity to have exposure to professionals and inspiring startups that we may not otherwise get on our own. It also builds your network, relationships with other students, and helps with vertical growth as an entrepreneur.
It is an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in the Entrepreneurship culture, really get to know people in the Engler program, connect with founders and CEOs, and learn things you never would on any other trip!