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The Engler culture is unlike any other. It’s a culture that makes you feel like you can do anything, big or small; it’s all important. It’s like family – you can ask anyone for help, and they will drop what they’re doing to help you. It’s inspiring, and it makes you think about life in a way that most people don’t.


Life can be crazy, especially in college. Throw in building a small business or launching a startup, and things get really wild. The community you’ll encounter in Engler is passionate about pursuing excellence, discovering individual purpose, and supporting each other through the entrepreneurial roller coaster.

The truth is sometimes entrepreneurship can be lonely. But this community of mentors and peers understands what you’re dealing with and provides encouragement every step of the way, through successes and failures alike.

The Engler community offers budding entrepreneurs a supportive haven where ideas and aspirations can be discussed and cultivated, not immediately rejected as dumb or impractical. We believe in trying, failing, and trying again; that’s why our students and staff approach seemingly crazy, impossible ideas with the mindset that all progress depends on the irrational idea, an open mind, and a spirit of growth.

Many of our students major in agriculture-related disciplines, but regardless of your background or interests, Engler welcomes you. We pride ourselves on an optimistic, energetic environment where students can be themselves; this is a place where future engineers, marketers, scientists, artists, programmers, farmers, and others collaborate to build enterprises, wage war with the status quo, and take the helm. Great ideas form when different perspectives and approaches collide. Whether you’re from small-town Nebraska or a big city on the other side of the globe, you can find a home here.

The connections you foster in Engler extend beyond graduation, because this community is built for the long run. Your peers will continue to challenge, encourage, and support you wherever you go, both now and in the future — it’s the Engler way!