Atmosphere! What do you surround yourself with?

January 6, 2017

Atmosphere! What do you surround yourself with?

The atmosphere when 90,000 people sound like 900,000 on game day at Nebraska, a nervous room of 5,000 excited, worried, anxious new freshman students, or moments before an intense 72 hours at the Engler 3 Day Startup weekend all have the same adrenaline-filled feeling. Being around different atmospheres can determine the reactions to events, shifting a person’s paradigm, and potentially driving a person out of their comfort zone.

I have concluded that Engler as an organization has its own atmosphere developed by the kind of people who take part in the events. Whether it be in the classroom setting, at an Engler rally, or a group of Engler students getting together for an evening at Coop’s Corner, there is a tension in the air. Some of the building blocks of the tension are constructed from ideas ready to be brought to reality, students with the same passion and grit coming together, and a “fire in the belly” that builds character. 

Some people may see tension as a negative attribute in a situation, but it’s the thought and direction taken that can transform it into a positive. Just as people see failure as negative; if one is taught to fail fast, fail forward, and fail cheap, it can become a positive outcome. The tension in the atmosphere of the Engler program creates the attitudes of the students and helps as a driving force for them to become leaders and more importantly entrepreneurs. So, what is it you will surround yourself with to create a strong atmosphere in order to be successful?

Darin Knobbe