International Experience

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International Experience

Engler International Experience

The global marketplace beckons to the entrepreneur and is filled with opportunity for both established and new business ventures.  Given the vast scope of the international market, Engler Entrepreneurs are encouraged to incorporate either short intense study tours or a longer study abroad program into their experience.  Engler Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to apply for international experience scholarships through the program.  This investment is made to facilitate the process of creating a global market mindset, to enhance interaction with entrepreneurial ventures outside of the U.S., and to encourage students to step outside of their comfort zone to experience life in another culture.

Winter - Spring Tours 15-16

Destinations may include:

Ethiopia (Dec-Jan)

Focus: Food Security from a Global Perspective

Led by Dr. Martha Mamo

Argentina (Spring Break 16)

Focus: Agriculture & Natural Resource Mgmnt

Led by Dr. Stephen Mason

Jamaica (Spring Break 16)

Focus: Sustainable Tourism

Led by Dr. Michelle Kang

Summer Tours - 2016

Destinations may include:

China (May 2016)

Focus: Global Perspectives of Land and People

Led by Dr. L.J. McElravy

Benin-West Africa (May 2016)

Focus: Agricultural Development

Led by Dr. Wes Peterson

Greece (May 2016)

Focus: Sustainability, Environment & Society

Led by Dr. Tala Awada

Spain & France (Summer 2016)

Focus: European Culture & Food Production

Led by Prof. Rosalee Swartz

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